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Dennis Mohn is coming to "Staunen! 2018" and will be preaching at the final service.

Dennis Mohn was born in Germany and has been living in the Netherlands for 11 years together with his Dutch wife Lara. Since 2012 he has been pastor at the Church of the Nazarene in Vlaardingen (www.kvdnvlaardingen.nl). This is the largest Church of the Nazarene in Europe, with 1,200 people attending worship services. His great passion is discipleship. For him it is important for the church to be a place where people can grow in authentic love to God, their neighbours and themselves.


Poetry slammer Marco Michalzik is coming to "Staunen! 2018"!


The well-known German poetry slammer and youth advisor Marco Michalzik (Darmstadt) is coming to the European Methodist Festival "Staunen! 2018"!

Marco Michalzik will be offering a workshop where participants can learn and try out for themselves what it's like to write poetic, meaningful texts and present them in the context of a Poetry Slam.

We will also be able to experience Marco Michalzik and his Poetry Slam live, with profound texts about life and faith.


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about Marco Michalzik:


Marco Michalzik has been touring Germany as a poetry slammer for several years now. His poetry clips on YouTube and Vimeo have been seen altogether more than 350,000 times. He has also already published 2 albums with the HipHop combo FackelTräger. Marco gives workshops for schools and youth groups and runs the inclusive writing workshop Herborn.


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about the workshop:


Poetry Workshop - "Writing and presenting texts"

How do you get text onto the page? and then onto the stage? Poetry slam is an art form that is increasingly popular in Germany. But actually, it's not really anything new. Even the Bible is full of poetry. Which makes it all the more exciting to take an active role and see what it's like to play with words and to tackle and present topics with a completely different approach.

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