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STAUNEN! - The European Festival

…you have set my feet in a broad place


9.-13.5.2018 (Ascension Day Weekend)

4 days at Dünenhof, Cuxhaven (directly on the North Sea)

for all those who are longing for God and for a broad horizon 


STAUNEN! - The European Festival: Emphasising differences, closing the gaps sounding out our own limits. Never was it more important to be fully aware of walking together with each other on our journeys, listening to God together. And so we look forward to welcoming children, youngsters and adults from Albania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherland, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and


STAUNEN! - The European Festival: - The Staunen! team and the European Methodist Council have joined forces for 2018. Following the moving faith experiences during Staunen!2015 at Dünenhof and the intensive encounters at the Methodist festivals in Hollabrunn, Potsdam and Bratislava, we want to combine both concepts into one event in 2018. Our vision is to join with Christians from many different countries to find new ways for encountering God, new ways of experiencing faith and new ways of being church.


STAUNEN! - The European Festival: We will be spending four days together at a beautiful, inspiring location: Dünenhof (www.duenenhof.org), right behind the North Sea dunes, not far from the beach and close to the sea. Many Christians have already gone through profound experiences here. We will also be sharing opportunities to explore the unique mud flats environment in the Wadden Sea National Park, as well as Sahlenburg beach and Doese seaside resort.


STAUNEN! - The European Festival: it's not a training course, not a church retreat and also not a group holiday: it's a bit of everything and yet something completely different.


STAUNEN! - The European Festival: 1000 reservations have been made, at Dünenhof and in the town of Cuxhaven and its seaside resorts. Thanks to great voluntary effort, the festival only costs €50 per person (€30 for youngsters, no charge for children). A range of accommodation is available at different prices in tents, hotels, youth hostels or group houses. Some accommodation can be booked directly through Staunen!, in other cases reservations have been made for individual booking.


STAUNEN! - The European Festival: More information about the programme, the location, accommodation and the team can be found on www.STAUNEN.net or from Dorothea and Kai Schoof in the Conference Office, Kleine Heide 46, D-31515 Wunstorf tagungsbuero@staunen.net.


STAUNEN! - The European Festival: Needs your support. We need your prayers now and during the festival. We need your participation and involvement. Teams are being set up to deal with various tasks before and during the festival. And we need your financial support. Offering a faith festival for €50 takes great faith, and many, many contributors and volunteers to share and implement the vision.


STAUNEN! - The European Festival:


Staunen! The faith festival of the Commission for missionary church planting of the North Germany Conference of the EMK & European Methodist Council www.methodist.eu

Bank details:

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IBAN: DE90 5206 0410 0106 4078 70


Account holder: Ev.-Meth. Kirche in Nord-Deutschland


See you at Dünenhof in 2018!

In joyful, eager anticipation,

Christhard Elle

Festival Director STAUNEN! - The European Festival

Many are saying: „Europe is in a crisis!“ Methodists believe: Europe is part of the world that God so loves!  Therefore we proclaim the guiding principle of John Wesley: “The best is yet to come!”  Wherever we live in Europe we seek to witness Christ and to live as ambassadors of hope. At the weekend of the Ascension Day 2018 we expect Methodists from all over Europe to come to North Germany. In a unique place near the North Sea we will gather in order to worship God, to practice discipleship and to experience fellowship beyond the boundaries of our language groups and cultural differences. I am sure we will have many reasons to marvel. The plan team is eager to prepare for a unique festival and to make use of the gifts of all who will be attending. On behalf United Methodist Church I heartily invite you be part of STAUNEN! 2018.

Bishop Rosemarie Wenner

STAUNEN! 2018 – Faith conference at Dünenhof near Cuxhaven!


We at KJW North (Youth and Children's Mission at UMC Germany) are really looking forward to the long Ascension Day weekend in May 2018.


We almost can't wait to live faith in community with worship, prayer, bible studies, sport, workshops and sharing with people from all over Europe. We are pleased that our annual Youth Meeting 2018 is going to be part of the Faith Festival and together with the whole team we would like to extend this special invitation to children and youngsters from the whole of Europe: come full of wonder to "STAUNEN! 2018" and let us find out together what God has in store for us there.


Your KJW North team

Lars Weinknecht

Head of the KWW (Youth and Children's Mission) North

The WesleyScouts are the scouting organisation belonging to the UMC in Germany, and we will be packing our yurts, tents and fire pits to take part at Staunen!, where together many others we will be setting our compass for Christ.

Groups from many different churches are actively involved at their pack meetings month by month in learning to orient themselves to Christ. And once in a while it is really great to join forces with many others to praise God and hear His voice - while at the same time enjoying the simplicity of scouting to the full. And to see just how good our yurts are at withstanding the strong North Sea breezes! To quote one of our songs …. "We love the storms…." . And so we look forward to Staunen! where we hope to experience a real boost for our work - and to sit around the campfire with all and sundry and to make new friends!

Pastor Steffen Klug,

Founder of the WesleyScouts

Staunen! – Dünenhof is an ideal place to come and be filled with wonder. Not just because of the unique landscape in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Waddensea. In fact, Dünenhof is somewhere where youngsters and adults can be filled with wonder about God's miracles and about God Himself. He is the source of life. In Him we find new hope. In His loving way, God touches us in the very depths of ourselves and gives deliverance and healing. Our job is to open up a space for this to happen. And we are really looking forward to sharing this experience with you at STAUNEN! 2018 ."

Manfred Pagel

Dünenhof Director

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