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All you need to know about Staunen! 2018      – The European Festival from A to Z

The main thing first:


P –    Programme:


What can people expect from Staunen! - The European Festival?

Staunen! intends to help people to be filled with wonder. That is basically all. But in fact that's huge, isn't it? Each morning we begin with "Worship & Wonder", bringing all generations together to begin the day by worshiping the Lord and telling each other of wonders, signs, safeguarding and healing.


This is followed by Bible studies. The text is specified in each case but with 13 different methods: traditional or contemporary, bibliodrama, creative, inside or outside, in German, English or …. In this way, each and every one of us can begin the day with an exciting journey of discovery. To ensure we don't get lost in the sheer diversity of possibilities, we will then meet in Staunen! groups of 6 to 8 people for 30 minutes for an opportunity to share together about what's been heard. These Staunen! groups will be available in different languages and even with mixed languages.


The afternoon is free. What would you like to do? Beach, sport or an excursion? Or an interesting workshop? You'll be spoilt for choice! The workshop programme is still in the making, but already looks very promising.


The evening then sees us journeying together again. This will take us right across Europe with choirs and bands performing, as well as time to experience God on a very personal level: every evening will be different.


A special children's programme will be provided while the Bible studies are taking place. We're expecting lots of children again at Staunen! 2018. Here too preparations are already well under way. One new aspect in 2018 is a special youth programme will be organised by the North German Youth Camp, and the WesleyScouts will also be there (again). This will contribute to even greater diversity for our whole event and all the various activities.


The absolute highlight at the last festival was the Open Air service on the beach, despite gale force winds and temperatures of only 16 degrees. The logistics this time will present a real challenge, but even so we still want to celebrate a service of worship at the beach in Döse with our 1000 festival participants and all tourists who want to join in. 


But the most important thing is the people. To give them a chance to spend 4 days together with Christians from every corner of Europe. To overcome barriers or prevent barriers from being put up in the first place, thus bucking the trend, to meet old friends again and find new ones and hear their story, also to hear their story with God: this is surely the most wonderful thing about such festivals. And sometimes, or even usually, this can be even more important than the very best programme. 


Have I managed to arouse your curiosity?

Then I invite you to pray with me, starting right now today. Let us pray that God will make great things happen during the Festival. And we can be there!!!


In eager anticipation,

Christhard Elle (Festival Director)



  • Costs; Accommodation and Catering / Permanent Participants and Day Guests


The attendance fees for permanent participants (day uuests: see number 4 below) for Staunen! 2018 are the made up from three different components:


  1. The festival fee
  2. Accommodation costs
  3. Costs for catering


Apart from the festival fee, you can choose between various different possible alternatives, depending on which you prefer.


  1. Festival fee


A festival fee will be charged for all participants aged 13 and over in order to fund the event. The festival fee covers all the activities offered at Staunen! 2018 apart from your own travelling arrangements, any excursions to tourist attractions in Bremen, use of the Dünenhof skittle alley and the visitor's tax charged to go on the beach (Kurtaxe) in Sahlenburg and Cuxhaven.




0 – 1 years


2 – 12 years

13 to 17 years

18 years

Festival fee






  1. Accommodation possibilities / accommodation costs


There are seven different possibilities to choose from when booking accommodation. Five of them can be booked through the Registration and Conference Office; for the other two the booking must be made and paid for by yourself in your own name. First-come-first-served applies to all the various accommodation possibilities. In other words, please register as soon as possible to make sure that you can book your preferred type of accommodation.


2.1 Dünenhof hotel


FULLY BOOKED since 6 March 2017.

However, rooms are still available in the following hotel:


Hotel "Zum grünen Walde" in Nordholz

(here you will need your own car to get to the festival site)

Double room without balcony including breakfast: €158 per person

Double room with balcony including breakfast: €178 per person


2.2  Dünenhof group houses


Dünenhof has 6 group houses each with five four-bed rooms (2 bunk beds in each room). The group houses are what is known as "A-frame" houses made of wood. They offer little storage space but are quite cosy, there is a communal area in each house and some people just love them. Guests in these group houses will also be actually on the festival site. Each house has a WC and shower facility. If you want to stay in a group house, please bring your own bed linen and towels, otherwise bed linen can be hired on the site at additional cost (€9.00 per person). You may not use the beds without bed linen. The accommodation price for the group houses includes full board and lodging (self-service breakfast, lunch and evening meal in the dining room of the central group house building).


The group houses are not equipped for people with restricted mobility and are allocated preferably to families with children. Any adults also looking for low-cost accommodation are asked to book a bed in the Haus zur Sahlenburg (see number 2.5).


As with Dünenhof hotel, here too you are asked to be aware that if you are coming / if you register on your own or with an uneven number of people, when making your registration please note that we will be using all the beds in the group houses. This means it is not possible to have less than four people in a four-bed room. Rooms will be allocated according to gender unless any special requests have been received; as far as possible, we will also try to put people of the same age group together.




0 – 1 years


2 – 5 years


6 – 12 years

13 – 17 years

from 18 years

4 nights in a group house with full board and lodging














2.3  Camping at Dünenhof


The third possibility of staying directly on the festival site to be at the heart of the festival for the whole period is to camp in tents or in your own caravans/motor homes. Staked out pitches will be made available right next to the three large event tents. Central WC and shower facilities are available in the basement of the group house block. There will also be three mobile WCs provided on the outer grounds together with several outside washbasins. Campers can provide their own food or also purchase the catering option on request and take their meals in the neighbouring central catering tent. Apart from caravans and motor homes, no power supply will be provided on the outer grounds. The power sockets present on the outer grounds are solely for the technical equipment and the kitchen. No camping refrigerators are allowed, and hair dryers may only be used in the shower block. Free power banks can be borrowed from the conference office after paying a deposit in order to recharge mobile phones or other batteries.


Camping is the cheapest accommodation that we can offer for the festival.




0 – 1 years


2 – 5 years


6 – 12 years

13 – 17 years

from 18 years

4 nights in a tent/caravan/motor home without catering














2.4  Guesthouse "Stella Maris" in Sahlenburg

FULLY BOOKED since 28 June 2017.


2.5  Guesthouse "Haus zur Sahlenburg" in Sahlenburg


The "Haus Zur Sahlenburg" is a low-cost alternative to the Dünenhof group houses. A free shuttle bus will be operating several times a day to and fro between Sahlenburg and Dünenhof. If you bring your own bike, you can enjoy cycling the short distance of 5 km along the coast ride to Dünenhof. The beach is in easy walking distance


The guesthouse "Haus zur Sahlenburg" has 140 beds in shared rooms. Most rooms use central WCs and showers, a few have their own showers. The accommodation price includes breakfast in the guesthouse from Thursday to Sunday and also bed linen. Please bring your own towels.


The "Haus zur Sahlenburg" is not equipped for people with restricted mobility.


If you are coming / if you register on your own or with an uneven number of people, when making your registration please note that we will be using all the beds in the guesthouse. This means it is not possible to book or use a double room as a single room. Rooms will be allocated according to gender unless any special requests have been received; as far as possible, we will also try to put people of the same age group together.



Children 0 – 4 years

from 5 years

4 nights with breakfast


€116.00 per person



2.6  Havenhostel Cuxhaven


The "Havenhostel Cuxhaven" is located in the very centre of Cuxhaven. It offers great views of the old port and provides accommodation right at the heart of the seaside town. The hostel opened at the end of 2014 and stands out with fresh colours and bright rooms. Nearly all rooms are designed as double rooms, but they can quickly be converted into three- or even four-bed rooms, thanks to a clever bed concept. There are also a few single rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom with shower and WC. On the top floor there is a bar and a rooftop terrace to relax in the evenings. There is a maritime breakfast room on the ground floor. Breakfast is optional and can be booked for €8.00 per day and person. So if you want to stay here, you can choose whether you want to have breakfast here in the hostel or together with other festival participants in the catering tent at Dünenhof.


We have reserved altogether 100 beds (15 four-bed rooms and 20 two-bed rooms) in the Havenhostel and have negotiated special conditions for you. These rooms are reserved for EMK until 1 December 2017. When booking accommodation here in your own name and for your own account, please state "Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche" or "Staunen 2018 – The European Festival" so that you can claim a room from this reserved contingent and benefit from the special price.


A double room costs €91.00 per night (= €45.50 per night and person or €182.00 per person for the entire event).

A four-bed room costs €151.00 per night (= €37.75 per night and person or €151.00 per person for the entire event).


To find out more about Havenhostel Cuxhaven, take a look at their website www.havenhostel-cuxhaven.de. You can contact Havenhostel Cuxhaven by phone under +49(4721)66700; this phone number can also be used to book your accommodation at Havenhostel.



2.7  Booking your own accommodation


If none of the six types of accommodation mentioned above seems to suit you or if you would prefer to stay in a holiday apartment, Bed&Breakfast, Cuxhaven Youth Hostel or a higher standard hotel, you can naturally find and book your own accommodation with breakfast, half-board or full-board. In this case, you then just pay the conference fee and, where applicable, a fee for using the catering facilities to Staunen.



  1. Catering possibilities/fees


For all those guests who are not staying in Dünenhof hotel or group houses. a caterer will be providing three meals (breakfast, lunch and evening meal) in a catering tent on the festival grounds.


On the registration form, you can choose whether you want to book one, two or all three meals. However, the meals can only be booked "as a block", i.e. 4x breakfast and/or 4x lunch and/or 4x evening meal. Please note that there are only very restricted possibilities for finding your own meals (restaurants/shops) in the direct vicinity of Dünenhof. Otherwise you will have to go to Sahlenburg (Restaurants) or Cuxhaven.


The costs are as follows:




Child's meal with small portions on request for children up to 12 years.

4 x breakfast (Thursday to Sunday)

€15.60 per person

€7.80 per child

4 x lunch (Thursday to Sunday)

€34.00 per person

€17.00 per child

4 x evening meal (Wednesday to Sunday)

€24.00 per person

€12.00 per child


Furthermore, in the evening refreshments will be on sale after the evening programme. When meals are not being served, cold drinks will be on sale in the Conference Office.



A -     Alcohol


Please note that no alcohol should be consumed during the event in accordance with the EMK agreements for leisure events.


A –    Arrival:


Address (for your satnav or for the taxi driver) of Dünenhof: In den Dünen 4, 27476 Cuxhaven.


In Wednesday 9 May, the Conference Office will be manned from 2 pm to 10 pm. On Wednesday and Sunday, the Conference Office will be located in a tent on the Dünenhof event meadow. From Thursday to Saturday, you will find the Conference Office in the central group house building of Dünenhof (see layout diagram). This is where you can find your room number, room keys for hotel guests, name badges, meal tickets. Please check in before your first meal!


You should expect a lot of traffic on the motorways and delays on the trains when travelling on the day before the Ascension Day public holiday.


If it transpires that you won't arrive until after 10 pm, PLEASE ring the Conference Office before 10 pm on the following number:

The phone number will appear here in good time before the event.


Group house guests can then ask for their house and room number (in addition, a list of the room numbers for guests who have not arrived by 10 pm will be hung up outside the Conference Office: the group houses are not locked at night).

Hotel guests: the hotel is locked at night. The room key can also be used to open the front doors. The hotel has a PIN-protected outside safe, where we will deposit your room key in an envelope with your name on it. Please ring us by 10 pm to find out the number code for the safe.

Campers: please find a free pitch on the tent meadow shown in the layout diagram.

All: all late arrivals are asked to report to the Conference Office next morning. On Thursday morning the Conference Office will be manned from 7.30 am to 9.30 am.


All those coming by train are asked to note that Dünenhof is located outside the town centre: it is not within walking distance and there is no regular bus service. We are not able to collect people from the station for capacity reasons. The rideshare taxi ("Anrufsammeltaxi" route 1354) runs every hour from Cuxhaven station, but has to be ordered at least 30 minutes before departure (phone: 0049 1801-227722). Costs: €3.50 per person, reduced €3.00 (as of August 2016).

For more information/timetable: www.ast-cuxhaven.de.


Guests staying in the group houses take their meals in the group house community building. Hotel guests take their meals in the hotel restaurant. In both cases, a buffet will be available on Wednesday evening from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm.


If you already know that you won't be arriving until Thursday or later, please let us know in advance.


The hotel has a car park directly in front of the entrance. The group houses and Dünenhäuser have their own car park at the edge of the sport and tent meadow. Please only use the car park belonging to your specific accommodation. Guests staying elsewhere are asked to use the designated car park on the meadow belonging to Berensch Fire Brigade. You do not automatically have a claim to a parking space. The through-road in front of Dünenhof must always be kept clear on account of the fire regulations – this is strictly a no-parking zone. Nor is any parking allowed on the tent and event meadow!


B –    Bed linen


Dear guests at the group houses and Dünenhäuser, please remember to bring bed linen and towels with you.


B -     Bible studies


We are still working on the programme for the various Bible studies; the details will be announced here in good time before the event.

Please bring your Bibles and something to write on and with!


B -     Bicycles

A very limited number of bikes are available for hire for the hotel. Please bring your own bike if you would like to cycle through the surroundings or down to the beach, which is just a few km away.


B -     Blessings4you bookshop


Blessings4you will be providing a well stocked book stall during the faith conference.



C -     Camping


The tent pitches and pitches for caravans and motor homes will be allocated to campers on arrival.

Information for all campers: Dünenhof does not have any facility for disposing of chemical toilets. The existing WCs may certainly not be used to dispose of chemical toilets! Dünenhof operates its own local biological sewage plant which would be damaged by chemical additives.

Several toilet facilities are provided on the grounds for the campers and there are showers in the central building of the group houses.

Unfortunately, campers will not be provided with a power connection or their own water connection.


C -     Catering


Breakfast: 8 am to 9 am.

Lunch: group houses 12.30 pm to 1 pm, hotel and catering tent 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm (buffet).

Evening meal: 6 pm to 7 pm (apart from Saturday evening 8 pm to 9 pm).


Meals begin together in the dining room of the group houses. In addition, table duty is necessary in the dining room of the group houses: each of you will be allocated to do table duty once or twice. This will be organised by one of the pastors staying in the group houses.


Beverages will be on sale in the Conference Office, so it is neither necessary nor desirable for you to bring large quantities of beverages for yourselves.


Note: there will naturally be short queues when meals are being served. Please note that our staff in the Conference Office for example will be sharing their mealtimes, because the Conference Office will also remain open at these times. The staff therefore only have a short time window to eat their meals. You are kindly asked to let them go ahead of you in the queue! Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!


C -     Children's programme


"Treffpunkt Leuchtturm" (The Lighthouse) - the children's programme for Staunen2018

After joint morning worship, children aged 2 to 12 years can be brought to the sports hall at 10 am from Thursday to Saturday, and collected again here at 12 noon. Treffpunkt Leuchtturm: that's exciting Bible stories, rousing songs, small groups for new friends, craft activities and lots more besides. The Treffpunkt Leuchtturm will be led by Tanja and Sebastian D. Lübben, Günter Loos and team. We're looking forward to all you children!

The team would also welcome some more helping hands during the children's programme. If you're interested, pleas just come to the sports hall at 10 am on Thursday.


D –    Departure


The Conference Office will be open on Sunday until 4 pm. Guests at the Dünenhof group houses and at the Stella Maris and Haus zur Sahlenburg guesthouses are asked to sweep their rooms and to leave them clean and tidy. Hotel guests are asked to return their room key to the Dünenhof hotel reception.


The team still has plenty of dismantling and tidying up to do on site after the end of the event, so that we kindly ask you to leave the premises and depart by 4 pm.


E -     Encountering God


There will be various points in the programme where you can make a contribution and share your own faith encounters with others. Please contact Christhard Elle if you already know what you would like to do in this context.


F –    Free time


All items on the programme are completely voluntary. If you simply need time for yourself or want to take a look at Cuxhaven and its surroundings on your own, with family and/or friends, please feel free to do so. You can find information about tourist attractions, cafés etc. with addresses and business hours in the Conference Office or under the links section of the homepage. The rideshare taxi will bring you quickly to Cuxhaven town centre even if you haven't got a car.


H –    Handicap


People with restricted mobility and/or handicaps are advised to contact us before registering for the event (simply send a corresponding e-mail to tagungsbuero@staunen.net). Please note that most of the accommodation is not barrier-free. Most of the events will be taking place in large tents on a meadow. The buses operating the shuttle service organised by us and the corresponding bus stops are not necessarily adapted to the needs of the disabled. Even so, a limited number of people using wheelchairs and those dependent on rollators or with similar restrictions will be able to attend the event with accommodation in the Dünenhof hotel.



L -     Layout diagram


A layout diagram is available in the download section to help you find your way around Dünenhof


L –    Lost property, lost-and-found


The Conference Office acts as the lost-and-found facility during the event. After the festival has finished, any remaining lost property will be kept by EMK Bremerhaven until 15 July 2018, after which it will be disposed of accordingly.


M -    Mudflats tour


A mudflats tour is planned for Saturday afternoon, or a walk along the beach as an alternative. Another possibility is to take the bus to the finishing point.

Buses (unfortunately not suitable for wheelchairs) will collect us at Dünenhof and bring is to Sahlenburg. We then walk from Sahlenburg to Döse. It will take us about two hours. If you'd rather not walk, you can stay on the bus straight to Döse and go for a gentle stroll and enjoy a cup of coffee. (Please enter your name in the corresponding list in the Conference Office in advance to make sure everyone takes the right bus. The lists will be available in the Conference Office from Wednesday) In Döse we will celebrate a public Open Air service on the beach.

For the mudflats tour we recommend that you take a rucksack containing sun cream, suitable headgear, a pullover and/or jacket and old trainers (for walking across mussel fields).


M -    Music instruments


We have our band for the major events, but it would be good to bring your own guitar, other instruments and song books for all other events, for youth meetings, bonfires or spontaneous beach gatherings.


P –    Pastoral counselling and prayers for healing


During the event a pastoral team will be available for counselling and Petra Harms will be offering prayers for healing. Please contact her directly to make an appointment.


P –    Pets


No pets are allowed.


P -     Photography


Photos will be taken at the event. A selection of pictures will be available on a DVD for €5.00 in the Conference Office at the end of the event. To provide all participants with as many photos as possible, we ask everyone taking digital photos at the event to let us have the photos by coming to the Conference Office where the photos can be imported from the memory card.

There are also plans to show some of the best pictures of the previous day as part of the on-going events: we would therefore really welcome a lively exchange of photos.

Please note that by participating at the event, you herewith consent to photos being taken and published. Please do not register for the event if you are not willing to give your consent in this respect.


P –    Pool


The hotel has a small swimming pool and a small fitness room, which are available only to the hotel guests (please bring your swimming and sport things!). As an alternative, we can recommend the Thalassozentrum ahoi! water park; address: Wehrbergsweg 32, 27476 Cuxhaven.


P -     Programme


We're still busy organising the programme. The complete programme will be published here soon.


P -     Programme booklet


When you check in, you'll receive the programme booklet with all events, venues, instructions and conference songs. Please keep the songbook with you wherever you go. For those who are interested, the programme booklet will also be available before the event in the download section of the website.


R –    Registration:


You can register for Staunen! 2018 - The European Festival as from 1 March 2017. You can find the registration form in the download section. Download the form, enter the required information and send us your registration by e-mail to tagungsbuero@staunen.net.

You can also use this e-mail address to send us any questions you may have about registration.

On submitting your registration, you accept the Terms and Conditions that apply to participation at this event. The Terms and Conditions can also be found as a PDF file in the download section.


S –    Sauna


          The sauna will not be in operation during the faith conference.


S –    Sporting activities


Staunen 2018 offers a varied programme of sporting activities on two afternoons, mostly on the Dünenhof site. Among others, the programme includes three team sports: football, beach volleyball and basketball.


There will be two age groups playing football: 6 to 12 years (4.15 pm - 5.30 pm) and from 13 years (2.30 pm - 4 pm).


Beach volleyball and basketball can be played from 4.15 pm to 5.30 pm. If you want to play these sports, please enter your name in the corresponding lists hung up in the Conference Office when you come to check in.


There are also possibilities for playing four other kinds of sports: table tennis, boule, table football and crazy golf.

Nets and goals are available, balls aren't. Crazy golf clubs and table tennis bats can be hired on site after paying a deposit. This does not apply to table tennis balls. If you are interested in table tennis, please bring your own bats and balls. The same also applies to footballs, volleyballs and basketball balls outside the sports programme.

Apart from making spontaneous arrangements among yourselves for these sports, a meeting point will also be offered in the afternoons at 3 pm.


Another sporting activity will be offered in the form of early-morning jogging, along the lines of running and wondering.

The meeting point for all joggers will be at the entrance to the catering tent, at 7.15 am. The route will go across the Dünenhof grounds to a path behind the dike. There'll be no spectators, apart from the cows who'll watch the joggers in wonder. The jogging tour takes about half an hour. If necessary, the group can be divided into faster and slower joggers. After returning at about 7.45 am, there will be time for a refreshing shower before enjoying a delicious breakfast.


Dünenhof also has a skittle alley. A fee has to be paid to use the skittle alley. Tokens are available in the Conference Office and cost €5.00 per alley per hour; children and youth must be accompanied by an adult.


T –    Tourist activities


Every region has its own special tourist attractions. That also applies to the area around our festival venue. The following list suggests certain activities organised by Staunen or things that you can do on your own initiative.


One highlight will be an escorted coach trip Bremerhaven with several different possibilities. This trip will take place on Friday afternoon. The following tourist attractions are all available in close proximity in the city centre: the German Emigration Centre, the Climate House (the only one of its kind in Europe), the German Maritime Museum and Bremerhaven Zoo. If none of these tempt you, you can also go on a boat trip round the port, which takes about one hour, and then go shopping in the mall. Important: if you want to join the trip to Bremerhaven, please enter your name in the corresponding list in the Conference Office when you arrive.


German Emigration Centre

The German Emigration Centre shows moving family stories of emigrants and people who have found a new home in Germany since the 17th century. Entrance prices and more detailed information on http://dah-bremerhaven.de


Climate House
The Climate House Bremerhaven 8° East is a unique world of know-how and adventure all about the climate, climate change and the weather. It takes visitors all around the world along the 8th longitude for an exciting, impressive hands-on experience of all the different climate zones. The journey goes across five continents and nine places and provides an opportunity to sweat, freeze, wonder and laugh - and above all to meet people from all over the world who talk about their everyday routines and the impact that the prevailing climate has on their lives.

Entrance prices and more detailed information on http://www.klimahaus-bremerhaven.de


The German Maritime Museum

The German Maritime Museum (DSM) was founded in 1971 as the national maritime museum for the Federal Republic of Germany. There is a special focus on the redesigned exhibition. Under the motto "Man and the Sea", the exhibition concentrates on the use of maritime technologies for using the seas and oceans, taking a look at the reciprocal impact on the environment. It gives visitors a visible, tangible experience of research being conducted in this context. The exhibition is being renewed in three steps. The Cog Hall is being reopened in winter 2016/17 as part of the first step.

Entrance prices and more detailed information on http://www.dsm.museum


Bremerhaven Zoo

Bremerhaven Zoo offers aquatic and Nordic animals in their natural surroundings, as well as primates with their families. Feeding times with keeper's commentary from 10.30 am and 2.30 pm. There's a children's playground and a café with viewing terraces. The zoo has 47 species with about 280 animals.

Entrance prices and more detailed information on https://www.zoo-am-meer-bremerhaven.de


Boat trips round the port

Boat trips round the port begin directly at the new heart of Bremerhaven's tourist facilities, at the southern end of the Neuer Hafen, just a stone's throw from other tourist attractions such as the German Emigration  Centre or the Climate House.

The boat trips last one hour from the jetty through the Neuer Hafen and Kaiserhäfen I, II and III, past the newly extended Kaiserschleuse, then on through the Verbindungshafen under the huge swivel bridge at the Nordschleuse through into the turning basin for the giant car transporters and into the Nord- and Osthafen.

The views of Bremerhaven from the boat are absolutely unique: this is really the only way to see the impressive, huge dimensions of the cargo vessels and transport ships and to admire them at close quarters.
Afternoon departures: 2.15 pm, 3 pm, 3.45 pm, 4.30 pm
Prices and more detailed information on


Shopping mall

The focal part of shopping in Bremerhaven is the Columbus Shopping Centre in one of the city's most exposed sites, right down at the water's edge. It has more than 75 shops and eateries as well as specialist retailers with an attractive, extensive range of goods on offer.


Another popular tourist activity is to take a carriage across the mudflats to Neuwerk island. This unique ride with a horse and carriage will be possible on the Thursday afternoon, when the tide will be right for such an undertaking.

The horse-and-carriage ride takes you across the mudflats to Neuwerk island. The island actually belongs to the state of Hamburg. Blankets are provided in case it gets cold, and a tarpaulin is erected if it rains to try to keep you more or less dry. On a cool day, you really need a hat, scarf and gloves because it can get extremely cold and the wind knows no mercy. The journey there and the journey back each takes a bit more than one hour, plus about one hour on the island itself. The ride is quite expensive and currently costs about €30 per adult with children paying half.

The rides are available from various points in Cuxhaven (Sahlenburg, Duhnen, Döse) and from various providers. The horse and carriage rides across the mudflats are very popular so it is a good idea to register early on (at least one week in advance). This is something that cannot be done by the STAUNEN Organisation Office: interested festival participants will have to make their own arrangements instead. There is a website with a list of providers and corresponding contact details. Prices and more detailed information on http://www.cuxhaven-tours.de/wattwagenfahrten.html


If you want to get to know the mudflats without investing lots of time and money, you can join a guided tour of the mudflats on the Saturday afternoon. The starting point will probably be on the beach at Cuxhaven-Duhnen or –Döse.


Some people love cycling. A guided cycling sightseeing tour is planned for the Thursday afternoon. A small number of bikes can be hired from Dünenhof, but if you are interested in taking part, it would probably best for you to bring your own bikes on the roof-rack system of your car.


The Aeronauticum Nordholz is also worth a visit and is just 20 minutes or so by car from Dünenhof. An escorted tour to the Aeronauticum will be offered on the Thursday afternoon.

Unique exhibits, impressive models, original aircraft and much more besides: the AERONAUTICUM museum building with its gallery and adjoining special exhibition areas together with approx. 36,000 sqm outside provides interesting insights into the historical and technical development of airship travel, sea and marine aviation. A system of paths with benches invites visitors to take a walk. The programme also includes special exhibitions and lectures. The barrier-free museum offers a café and a children's playground.

More detailed information on http://www.aeronauticum.de/index.html


Here is some information about a few other possibilities of what to do in the afternoons. All these possibilities are located at various points in Cuxhaven itself, including the Unesco World Heritage Site (in Sahlenburg), the climbing park (in Sahlenburg), the Ahoi wave pool (in Duhnen), und die beach railway (serves all sections of the beach).


Unesco World Heritage Site

This is an exhibition about the fantastic natural environment of the mudflats. The facilities include species benches, library, aquariums, "Wattwurf" audio guide and an impressive view looking out over the UNESCO World Heritage Site mudflats. Entry is free.


Climbing park

The climbing park is quite expensive, but its 65 elements offer just the right kind of climbing fun for the whole family. The Cuxslide zip wire course is the park's challenging highlight with rope slides up to 13 m high and 75 m long, as well as the final jump from a height of 8 m into what appears to be nothing.

Entrance prices and more detailed information on www.kletterpark-cuxhaven.de



Ahoi wave pool

The wave pool with its view of the UNESCO World Heritage Site mudflats offers sea water, jet stream canal, saunas and a steam bath, outside pool with bubble loungers, rest rooms, whirl pool, pool-and-sauna bistro.

Entrance prices and more detailed information on www.ahoi-cuxhaven.de


Beach railway

The Jan Cux beach railway is a convenient way of covering larger distances along the mudflats and estuary of the river Elbe. There are 4 or 5 trips in each direction every day.

Ticket prices and more detailed information on www.tourismus.cuxhaven.de/staticsite/staticsite.php?menuid=339&topmenu=59


V –    Valuables


We recommend that any valuables that are not urgently needed should be left at home. The hotel rooms have a small room safe. In addition, the hotel rooms can be locked.


Guests in the group houses have no possibilities for locking anything away securely. You can leave larger valuables (instruments, laptops etc.) in the Conference Office. The Conference Office will be manned constantly during business hours and will otherwise be locked. We'll do our best to take care of the things left in our safe-keeping - but we cannot accept any liability in this respect.


V -     Visitor's tax and visitor's card


For certain tourist attractions in Cuxhaven, such as the beach and the spa facilities, a visitor's card is needed which has to be purchased at the specific facility.


W – Weatherproof clothing


Please remember to bring weatherproof clothing. Sturdy gear is advisable for walking across the festival grounds, together with the outdoor activities, such as sport, tour of the mudflats and bonfires in the evening. Please bring your (old) trainers for the tour of the mudflats (no rubber boots!): you cannot cross the mussel fields barefoot.


W –   WesleyScouts

The WesleyScouts are kindly supporting Staunen! 2018 with a wide range of activities: Bible studies, children's programme, workshops and scouting games as well as bonfires (including gathering wood). They are paying for their own accommodation and meals and are thus also helping us financially. From past experience they just have one request, which shouldn't be too difficult to comply with: please do not touch the WesleyScouts tent and their flag! Although at other camps this may be fun or even come under sporting achievements, it has no place at our festival. It's quite simple: if the WesleyScouts have to watch their tent and flat, they can't make their contribution to our programme. It is therefore in all our interests to respect this request, and we as organisers ask everyone to kindly comply.


W -    Workshops


Various workshops will be offered on Thursday and Friday afternoon. The maximum number of participants in each case depends on the programme being offered by the person in charge and/or on the size of the rooms being used. Some people will be offering the same topic on Thursday and Friday, others will be looking at different topics.


Details about the workshops and the topics will be published here soon.



And so we wish you all a blessed time until 9 May 2018!


Kind regards

on behalf of the whole Staunen! organisation team


Christhard Elle and Dorothea & Kai Schoof.

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